The Shark, AKA Greg White

Why Shark?  Check the name.  Greg White Shark.   Get it?   Besides the name, eating sushi, a love of the ocean, and having big white teeth, there’s not much Greg has in common with Great White Sharks.  Ok, let’s move on.

Greg has been behind a camera since he was 9 when he made his first clay animated film. He went on to be the photographer for his high school newspaper and got his Bachelor of Arts degree in film & broadcast production at the University of Iowa.  In 1991, Greg moved to Seattle where he started assisting commercial and editorial photographers from across the country while he photographed for film and theater companies.  Greg has now collaborated with art directors at advertising agencies and marketing directors at several companies and nonprofit organizations to produce compelling images for a variety of brochures and advertising campaigns.   He also produces visual marketing materials for real estate agencies in Washington State and has a privately-collected series of fine art travel photographs from all over the world that can be viewed at:  www.gregwhitephoto.com

A Plethora of Yetis.

The Yeti, AKA Dan Morris

Why Yeti?  Remember before smart phones when you had to memorize people’s phone numbers?  We do.  Well, Dan would memorize numbers by coming up with words represented by the digits.  So, 1=abc, 2=def, etc.  Turns out Dan’s phone number is 206-FAT-YETI.  Go ahead, try it.  The name stuck, and now his portrait business is called Fat Yeti Photography.  Besides the phone number and being big and cuddly, there’s not much more Dan has in common with Yetis.  So don’t fret, we don’t bite.

Dan Morris is a Seattle based portrait and event photographer. A native of the great state of Maryland Dan has been a Washington resident since 1986, receiving his degree in Commercial Photography from Seattle Central Community College in 2000 and never photographed a box or can of anything ever again. His motto is “Anything that breathes.”

In addition to more conventional methods, Dan can often be found behind his beloved Polaroid 600SE (AKA the Goose) making beautiful one-of-a-kind instant portraits. The black and white works of art become cherished keepsakes to all who possess them.

You can check out Dan’s website at www.fatyeti.com.

The Shark & Yeti Team

Greg & Dan met when Greg was photographing nudes of exotic dancers in his studio.  Needless to say, Dan wanted to help out.

Greg & Dan started out photographing weddings together in 1996 and have be shooting events and weddings together ever since, but not so many exotic dancers anymore.   You could typecast us and call Greg the quiet “arteest”, and Dan the loud “personable” one, and you’d be somewhat right.  The fact is, we are bit of both, and a whole lot more.

Why Shark & Yeti?  We both have our own skill sets making our sum greater than our parts.  Yes, it’s just like magic, except we do actually work our butts off at every single event to make the photos the best we can possibly make them.  And, we do it with creativity, panache, vision, skill, humor, charm, and oh yeah, over 30 years of experience between us.  Did I mention we’re abnormally tall?  That’s right, you get nearly 13 feet of photographer with every Shark & Yeti photographed event…unless you can only hire one of them.  Sorry.  It’s your loss, but we understand:  Let’s face it, sometimes your event doesn’t require two guys with cameras.  No matter if your event is 2000 people or 2 people, if you need an event photographed we’d be happy to work with you, and we’re certain you’ll be happy you work with us.   Any way you look at it, we’ve got you covered.  Contact us and see how we can cover your next event.



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